P.A Decor, A.V Hire

P.A Decor, A.V Hire

Amongst other things we have a.P.A, Audio video, D.J & Band Equipments & Event Decor hire section was set up with a variety of events in mind. Our brand of choice are Turbo sound speakers, QSC Speakers, various Shure microphones and various LED lights for live performance.  



D.J & Band P.A .Special Lighting .L.E.D Furniture  Dance-Floor & Staging



D.J & Band P.A


Silverstone Circuit                             Wedding Band Set-up




Wedding D.J Setup                            Birthday Party Setup





Special Lighting


Internal Up-lighters                            External Up-lighters




Star Lights                                           Chinese Lanterns




Gobo Lights                                       Pipe And Drapes






White                                                   Black




L.E.D Furnitures


L.E,D Sofa & Tables                          L.E.D Iced Buckets




L.E.D Star-cloth                                   L.E.D Round Benches




Video Projection


8" x 6" Projector Screen                    10" x 7" Projector Screen







Small 2.5K Projector                             Large 5k Projector











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